Trait Categories

Face Modifications

Muzzles and Noses:


  • Canine Muzzle
    • Since Kiamaras share a lot of their DNA with canines, it's quite common to see Kiamaras with Canine-like muzzles! This is down to the owner and their own artistic interpretation!

  • Feline Muzzles
    • Just like their Canine counterpart, it's also common to see Kiamaras looking more like Felines! This is down to the owner and their own artistic interpretation!

Very Rare:
  • Bat Noses
    • There are a few Kiamaras out there that have more cartilage overgrowth in their noses, causing them to look a lot like bats! 

  • Dragon Noses
    • Some Kiamaras don't have any nose, but rather small slits like that of a reptile. These are considered Very Rare!

  • Bunny Noses
    • You can also very rarely see Kiamaras with noses similar to a rabbit! 



  • Standard Teeth
    • The majority of Kiamaras have teeth such as a Canine or Felines; all typically covered by their lips!

  • Snaggle Tooth
    • There are also some Kiamaras out there that have some of their teeth showing out from under their lips!

  • Buck-Teeth
    • Adorably there are some Kiamaras with small buck-teeth on show! 

  • Small Tusks
    • If a Kiamara's teeth reach the bridge of the nose, it's considered uncommon!

  • Small Fangs
    • Similarly, if a Kiamara'steeth reach the bottom of their chin, it's considered Uncommon!

  • Large Tusks
    • Rarely, a Kiamara's teeth may be long enough to pass the bridge of the nose! They can be any length in size. 

  • Large Fangs
    • Rarely, a Kiamara's teeth may be long enough to pass the bottom of the chin! They can be any length in size. 

  • Metal
    • If a Kiamara's teeth are made any metal material, it's rare! 

Very Rare:
  • Crystal-Like
    • Kiamaras can also very rarely have crystal-like teeth! These teeth can often resemble crystals, gemstones, ice, glass, and anything else that can scatter light! 

  • Glowing
    • It's unknown as to why some Kiamara's teeth glow; all we know it's Very Rare when they do! 



  • Standard 
    • Just like any canine or feline tongue in shape! Can be textured or smooth to match either canine or feline.

  • Shaped Tongue
    • Whilst it's still odd to see, some Kiamaras have shaped tongues! These are commonly seen and it's unknown as to why the tongues tend to shape that way. 

  • Long Tongue
    • A few Kiamaras have a long tongue! 

Very Rare: 
  • Glowing Tongue
    • Just like teeth, it's not known as to what makes a Kiamara's tongue glow; all we know is it happens Very Rarely!

  • Frog Tongue
    • It's often unheard of, however it's said there's Kiamaras out there that have tongues that work similarly to a frogs! We have yet to find any; this trait is Mythic!

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