Update Journal

This update journal will go through all the updates/new additions to the species that will be implemented as well as any edits/bug fixes/revisions. Alongside this, we will also have whether something is in active development or not, how far along it is, and if there are any sub-issues that need to be resolved before progress can begin. We will constantly be editing this public document whenever we have a suggestion or an idea we wish to implement, and whenever things are completed. Projects are not listed in order and some may be worked on sooner than others. 


      Not in Development -       Soon to be started -      In  Development      In Testing Stage/Final Stage      Ready to Publish

Active Development:
  •     Phase 3 Update
    •     Crafting Items Created + Icons Created
    •     Soulbinding Prompts creation
    •     Minor and Major Powers developed with lore
    •     Blessings and Curses integrated

  •     New Collectables integrated

  •     Location Lore

  •     Questing UI Changed
  •     Species Lore and Additions

  •     Paid Profiles
    • This would be a cosmetic-only enhancement to your Kiamaras.com profile to allow for more customization. 

  •     Profile and Kiamara Profile Editing enhancements.

  •     Quest Guide created

  •     Update newcomers guide

  •     Side-Scroller Mini Game 
To Be Developed:
  •     Automatic Trading with Sal
    • A new system has to be coded for this.
  •     Boss fights Implemented. 

  •     AFK Table Missions

  •     Card Game Mini Game

  •     Lineage system added to profiles.
To Be Fixed:
  •     Typo/Grammar Errors:
    • Geneology - Word correction to better correlate to the topic. 

  •     Profile and Kiamara Profile Editing bug fixes (The following copied from ElementStar)
    • Internal scroll bars are not recognized on the posted version - works within the editing box.
    • "style="border-radius: #;" is not recognized on the posted version - works within the editing box.
    • Container layers are meant to be centered but do not have the alignment recognized when posted.

  •     Collectables page layout does not work.
    • The overall layout of the page needs to be aligned. 


  • 03/14/22:
    • Added information regarding colour-in prompt entries to all quests it applies to. 
    • Added more information on the Drawing Guide about Stamps and Textured Brushes. 
    • Update Journal applied to Footer
    • Title, Creation Date, and Last Update date removed from pages. 
  • 03/12/22:
    • Edited text for the following item: "Kenwood Offering" to better describe the NPC's personality.
  • 03/07/22:
    • Grammatical errors in the Odyssey I, Home Sweet Home, and Friend In Need prompt.
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