Terms and Conditions. 

This document contains the Terms and Conditions ("Terms", "T.O.S", "T&C", "Terms and Conditions") for the Kiamara Species, Website, DeviantART group , Discord Server , and all Kiamara-related services. 

Please read over these Terms and Conditions carefully before using any of the services listed above. By accessing or using any of the aforementioned services, you agree to these Terms. This includes purchasing character designs under the Kiamara name.

Failure to follow these Terms will result in warnings or bans depending on the severity of the offence. We reserve the right to deny access to any of our services if users refuse to follow these Terms and Conditions. 

General Terms and Conditions

  • The services connected to the Kiamara Affiliated Services(This website, the Kiamara DeviantART Group, Kiamara Community Discord, and the Kiamara species) and all original content about the Kiamara Species are the intellectual property of Kiamaras.com and its owners. These services and original content are protected by copyright and may not be used by any third-party product without the written consent of Rexos-Isle.
  •  Kiamaras were created by PandoraMonstera in 2012 on ChickenSmoothie and the Kiamara Species, Website, DeviantART Group, and Community Discord are currently fully owned by Rexos-Isle.
  • Kiamaras are considered a closed species(1*). Users may not make their own official Kiamara without permission from Rexos-Isle, or by use of items available from the Kiamara website.
  • You must be 16 years or older to participate in any Kiamara-affiliated services. All content posted to any Kiamara-affiliated services must remain PG-16. 
    • Any content that is deemed inappropriate for this age rating will be deleted with potential warnings and bans handed out to individuals involved in sharing aforementioned information.

  • All quest entries, design updates, MYO approvals, and answers to questions/concerns/suggestions have a 5-day grace period starting from the time they were posted including during time-sensitive quests. This is to ensure that our staff cannot only rest but to get through a high volume of submissions in a timely manner.
    • Please do not message our staff about quest entries, design updates, MYO approvals, and answers to questions/concerns/suggestions. If 5 days have passed and you have not received confirmation from a member of staff, please contact an admin or admin assistant using the #questions-and-concerns channel on our Discord Server .
    • You may not message a member of staff for an update on Quest Entry rolls, Design Updates, MYO Approvals, and answers to questions/concerns/suggestions unless it has been a total of 6 days or more since the submission. If will be seen as harassment.

  • Do not ask to be a member of staff for Kiamaras. If we are looking to recruit new staff, we will post advertisements on our Discord Server .

Community Guidelines

  • Kiamaras does not allow promotion or engagement with any Illegal, harmful, or hateful content. Any participation with or support of content such as, but not limited to; racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, paedophilia, bestiality, grooming, harassment, DDOS, etc, will lead to an immediate ban from all Kiamara-affiliated services.
  • Treat all Kiamaras Staff, Users, and Admirers with respect. Regardless of who the individual is, we aim to create a fun, diverse, and, most importantly, safe space for everyone involved. Rudeness towards anyone within the species will lead to a warning or ban.
    • This also includes harassment, block-evading, spamming, attempts to initiate/take part in ‘drama’, trolling, and bullying.
  • We do not permit mini-modding within any of our Kiamara-affiliated services. If you have an issue, whether it be community-based or technical, please contact a member of staff. This is due to us not wishing to have conflicting information passed around.
  • Do not message Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy owners to ask about purchasing or obtaining their characters unless they have an active trade/sale/giveaway document posted. This includes inactive members.
  • Whilst you may take part in Kiamaras without your own Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy, you may not use other users’ characters in any capacity, except with permission, nor class them as your own. This also applies to any assets made.

Account and character ownership

  • To adopt a Kiamara, Microkiamara, or a Dromedairy, you must have an account registered to this site (Kiamaras.com).
  • You may only have one account per person at any time. If you attempt to make an additional account for any reason, or it is found that you are using multiple accounts, all of your accounts will receive a permanent ban. 
    • At this moment in time, to take part in activities on the Kiamaras.com site, you must link a DeviantART account to your Kiamaras account for it to authenticate you.
  • Kiamaras cannot be officially co-owned. Any co-owns within the community are down to the discretion and liability of those who are involved in said co-own. We will only ever class the owner listed on the masterlist entry as sole owner.
  • If your Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy is not yet added to the masterlist/transferred to you on the masterlist, you are still able to use said Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromadaity for personal artwork and stories as long as you have sufficient evidence to prove you now own that character. You will not be allowed to use said Kiamara in official activities or events until they are uploaded to the archives/ownership has been transferred to you.
  • If it has been longer than 5 days since the purchase of your new Kiamara and they are not yet uploaded in your name, please contact an archivist or post in the #Archive-Updates channel on our Discord Server with sufficient proof.
  • If your Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy is uploaded to the masterlist but not under your username for ownership, please contact a member of staff with sufficient evidence to prove you are the owner of the Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy. You may need to provide multiple pieces of evidence. Types of sufficient evidence can be:
    • Paypal Invoice transfer between you and the artist/another user which explicitly states the Kiamara in the product description.
    • The original sale page where you have been confirmed as the owner.
    • The original contest page where your username has been confirmed to be the winner.
    • A linked chickensmoothie account that lists the Kiamara as yours.
    • A linked DeviantART account that lists the Kiamara as yours.
    • A link to the nursery breeding where the description states you own the Kiamara.
  • If traded or gifted by a banned user, or someone leaving the species, a comment from the previous owner stating that ownership has now been transferred to you.
  • By obtaining a Kiamara, you are purchasing them for personal use only. We do not allow commercial usage of any designs, artwork, or site assets for individual users. Once obtaining a Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy, you may do the following:
    • Add 'traits' and edit the anatomy of the Kiamara with the use of items found in-game.
    • Editing your Kiamara's design through the ability to Revamp.
    • Use them as an expression of yourself, or a ‘Kiasona’. 
    • Being able to use your Kiamara in Prompts and Events.
    • Being able to create artwork based on your Kiamara.
    • Being able to write about your Kiamara. 
    • The permission to roleplay your Kiamara and to find a mate for your Kiamara. 
    • The permission to use your Kiamara in a breeding request, using portions of the design to inspire the look of the offspring's design.

  • Whilst the lore of the species is written on Kiamaras.com, you are not required to follow the lore in your own stories. This relates to both the canon of the world and traits. This means you can have your Alternate Universe written about your characters, however for all quest and event entries it must be written within the canon with their official traits showing for it to be accepted. All pieces, whether written from a canon point of view or an Alternate Universe point of view must still adhere to the community guidelines and be PG+16 if posted in any of the kiamara services.
  • If you wish to remove your Kiamaras/Microkiamaras/Dromedairy from the species, you may do so. However, you may not remove individual Kiamaras from the species.
    •  If you wish to leave the species permanently, you must take out all Kiamaras under your name at the same time. If you wish to trade/gift/sell any this must be done before you put in your leave request. 
    • All Kiamaras that you take off species will be regarded as ‘voided’ and will remain in our masterlist under the 'Kv' tag, which is the acronym for all Voided Kiamaras. These kiamaras are no longer part of the species and are bound by their artists’ ToS, and we keep their images public to deter scammers from selling voided Kiamaras as Kiamaras. 
    • If you later wish to rejoin, any Kiamaras that you took off species will need an MYO item along with any things that allow for traits higher than common to bring them back into the species. 
    • If we notice a habit of joining/leaving specifically to take characters out of the species we will no longer allow you to re-join the species. 
  • Kiamaras are allowed other-species forms, including in other closed-species groups that have a similar rule.
    • These forms can be anything from another real-world species to another Closed Species, as long as the other Closed Species allows it. 
    • All non-Kiamara forms must be linked in the Kiamara’s notes on their masterlist entry. 
    • If the alternative form is another Closed Species, you must ask permission from the species if they allow alternate forms within their species. 
    • All versions of the design are linked, regardless of form. These alternative forms must be all owned by the same person at any time and will not be allowed to be sold separately. If we find a user has sold a form of a character with multiple forms separately, they will receive either a warning or ban for scamming.

Artist guidelines and purchasing agreement

  •  You must be 18 years or older, or have parental consent if under the age of 18 with proof of this, to purchase a Kiamara/Dromedairy or any Kiamara items that are only obtainable via USD.
    • All payments will be requested via Paypal Invoice unless specified on their sales page for another means. 
    • Individual official Kiamara Artists/Nursery Artists/Event Artists are considered freelancers who can create under the Kiamara species and can create adopts and/or Kiamara Breedings for full compensation. These individuals may have additional rules on how you may purchase from them. Please be aware to read their personal rules of sale from their sales pages when provided, or ask them ahead of time. 
    • We do not have any minimum or maximum budgets that an adoptable may go for and this is left up to the artist to decide. 
    • If found that you are under the age of 18 at the time of purchase, you will be banned from purchasing items/Kiamaras/Breedings until you reach the age of 18. 

  • If you find yourself with financial issues and feel unable to stop yourself from purchasing kiamara adopts/breedings and items for USD, we are here to help by doing the following:
    • Blocking your PayPal address from being able to purchase items from the site and letting our artist teams know your PayPal address to do the same to help you. This can be temporary or permanent and down to you how long you wish to have your PayPal blocked, however, if we find you requesting this too often we may find it in your best interest to permanently block you from USD purchases within the Kiamara group. 
    • Pointing you in the way of helpful sites to help you with overspending and other helpful resources.

  • All payments must be completed within 48 hours of receiving the invoice unless you are approved of an extension of time between yourself and the individual artist. If you do not respond to the invoice or notify us of late payment, the Kiamara will go back up for sale and the invoice cancelled.  
    • If you repeatedly claim Kiamaras/Dromadairies or items and end up backing out of sales, you may be banned from purchasing items or Kiamaras/Dromadairies for USD payment. 
    • Payment plans are accepted on an artist-to-artist basis. Some artists may require a nonrefundable deposit for payment plans. Be sure to ask the artist you are purchasing from for more details.

  • All Kiamaras, aside from those that were made with a Newcomer MYO potion or those with the ‘Soulbound’ buff, can be resold, traded, or gifted regardless of how they were obtained.
    • If you are in a spot of financial trouble, we may make exceptions to help by allowing both Newcomer MYO kias and Soulbound characters to become sellable. If this is the case, please contact an admin or admin assistant on our Discord Server and we will help you as soon as possible. 
    • All sellable Kiamaras can be sold for however much the user wishes, regardless of the original price they were purchased for.
    • Artists hold the right to curate their own job environment and thus are allowed to put additional rules in their own Terms of Service or refuse service to users at their own discretion. Whilst any characters that are the intellectual property of Kiamaras are bound by these Terms of Service on Kiamaras.com, breakage of individual Terms of Service or Codes of Conduct between users and artists could leave with the artist refusing service. We will not enforce individual Terms of Service of our artists, nor will the breakage of individual Terms of Service cause any disciplinary actions within Kiamaras.com and any affiliated services. 
      • The only time Artists are not allowed to refuse service or block users is if it comes under discrimination. If we notice artists abusing their ability to refuse service to the user due to discrimination, their position will be immediately terminated and they will be banned from the species.
  • Items obtained for both free and for USD can be re-sold regardless of how they were obtained.
  • We do not accept refunds for purchasing items or Kiamaras/Dromedairys and all sales are final. Any form of a chargeback will result in the items or Kiamara being returned to the artist and the user being banned from any future sales if found to be intentional.
    • If your card provider causes PayPal to create a chargeback without your knowledge and was accidental, please contact an admin or an admin assistant on our Discord Server  and we will do our best to help. 

Character usage, make-your-owns, and design alterations

  • To use your Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy within the ARPG, for breeding, or events, they must be part of the Masterlist and registered under your Kiamaras.com username.
    • If a Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy does not have a masterlist page, please message the #Archive-Updates channel of the Discord Server to ask for an archivist’s assistance. 
  • By making an official Kiamara design, you understand that the design may be altered at any time by the current owner and are not bound by your own artist's Terms of Service unless they are voided from the species.
  • The design on your Kiamara's masterlist entry is considered their up-to-date reference. This reference can be done on either unique custom lines, your staff-approved custom lines, or one of the four official linesets.
    • Due to the nature of some traits, if you wish to have your own personal lineset that you plan on using on multiple Kiamaras for the masterlist, this must be approved by the admin team. To have this lineset approved, you must submit the lines with all length guides provided. 

  • Minimal shading/highlights are allowed on your Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy official masterlist reference as we only allow more detailed shading/highlights on the following(2*):
    • Eyes
    • Hair
    • Nose
    • Accessories
  • Horns, teeth, and claws cannot have detailed shading or given the look of being shiny unless they have either a Metal Horn/Teeth/Claws trait or Crystal-Like Horns/Teeth/Claws trait. 

  • An old version of the CS lines have a faint diagonal overlay attached to them. As of February 2023, we no longer allow this overlay to be added to official references for the masterlist.
  • You may add accessories to your Kiamara's reference as long as they do not obscure a vast part of the Kiamara’s design/traits. Small accessories, such as necklaces, piercings, glasses, etc. may be accepted. If we feel it obscures too much of the design, we will ask for them to be removed for their masterlist image. You are free to add any accessories to the reference for your own personal usage.
  • Kiamaras can be revamped as long as they remain recognisable as the original kiamara. There are also items available to the user that may make these changes more drastic. For more information, please read over our MYOs and Revamp guide.
  • For Make-Your-Owns (MYOs), you are allowed to bring in characters from outside of the species, such as from an independent artist or another closed species, should the artist/species allow it. If you do so, the original design must be linked on their masterlist page and are considered the same character.
  • Overall, we do not allow characters within the species to be based on other IP characters currently under copyright unless you have permission from the IP/Copyright owners that you may do so. If you do have proof of permission, you must supply this information in your design upload along with the character the Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy is based on. There can be more than one Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy based on the same character IP at the same time. The following examples of permission can be:
    • Messages from the copyright holders between yourself and them showing they permit for you to use the character for commercial use (as Kiamaras allow purchases of any kiamara)
    • Have a public record of allowing commercial use of their characters from their IPs. 
    • Are a character under public domain in the USA. 

  • Characters must not show any discriminatory iconography/symbology or anything that could be considered cultural appropriation rather than cultural appreciation, for example: giving your Kiamara a dream-catcher/headdress just because you like how it looks.
  • You may bring a design that you have made or own into the Kiamara species with an MYO potion as long as you or the designer understand that the design may undergo alterations or revamping of the design.
  • You may share any unapproved MYO designs or unapproved Design Updates of your Kiamaras/microkiamaras/dromedairy’s within Kiamara-related platforms only. You may not upload unapproved references to other imaging-hosting/character-hosting sites publically (Such as Toyhou.se, DeviantART, FurAffinity, etc.) until they are accepted. The design is only considered official once it has been approved.

Breedings and Nursery Make-Your-Owns

  • Kiamaras do not need to have any official relationship to have offspring and can be bred as many times as you’d like.
  • Kiamaras must be level 2 within the ARPG and must also have their feathers approved before you can submit them into a breeding form.
    • You will not be able to breed the Kiamara if you are waiting on the design update approval to obtain your feathers whilst they are in the queue. These forms will be declined. 
  • If you do not own one or more of the Kiamaras in a pairing you wish to breed, you must provide proof of approval from the other owner/s when posting a breeding ticket from an official artist.
  • Kiamaras can enter mateships via the ARPG quest ‘Mateship Ceremonies’ which will bind two or three Kiamaras together in a mateship. Whilst in this mateship, the Kiamaras involved are unable to breed with those outside of their mateship, whilst obtaining a buff to their traits passing during breedings.
    • If you wish to separate your Kiamaras at any time, you may do so, however, if they are separated from a mateship you will not be able to re-enter that original mateship for the next 3 months since separation. After three months have passed, the two Kiamaras may once again go through a mateship ceremony to regain this buff. This is to avoid people purposefully abusing the breeding buff this brings. 
  • If you use a mated Kiamara as one of the parents for a NMYO, you must use one of their mates/their only mate for the other parent unless using items that allow bypassing this. 
  • Kiamaras/Dromadairies cannot breed with their official great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren regardless of any headcanons between users. These are listed on the Kiamara/Dromedairy’s masterlist page under ‘Family’'. We will not add any additional family members/non-blood-related family members to this section of their profile due to this being used to help in breeding, nor will we remove any from their family tree.
  • Each breeding is completely random on what traits the offspring will have, and the design is also completely random. Some items can offer the user some control over the outcome, however for the most part everything else is left up to chance. You can read more about how we roll for our breedings in this document.
  • Nursery Make-Your-Owns (Nursery MYO Potions) are Make-Your-Owns that only allow you to use two parent Kiamaras to make the offspring and whilst treated as a breeding, are not able to have breeding items used on them but can have trait items attached to them before uploading.
  • Nursery Make-Your-Owns are treated as breedings and traits will be rolled by a member of staff before they are made, and must be recognisable as offspring to the parents being used. You must also have approval from all owners involved. You can find out more about this from the MYO and Revamp Guide

Trading and re-selling guidelines

  • If you no longer want your Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy, as long as the character’s masterlist mentions it is allowed to be traded, sold, or gifted, you are allowed to do so. Regardless of how a Kiamara/Dromedairy/Microkiamara has been obtained, they can be resold for as much as you’d like.
  • Users hold the right to curate their own trading environment and thus are allowed to put additional rules on a Kiamara/Dromedairy when selling/trading/gifting them. However, whilst any characters that are the intellectual property of Kiamaras are bound by this Terms of Service on Kiamaras.com, breakage of any additional rules added by users will not be enforced by Kiamaras.com but may end up with users involved not wishing to take part in selling/trading/gifting with the offending user in the future. We will not enforce any of these rules added by another user during any transaction, nor will the breakage of these added rules cause any disciplinary actions within Kiamaras.com and any affiliated services.
    • If we notice that users are not allowing sales/trades/gifting of Kiamaras/Dromedairies due to reasons we find come under discrimination, they will be immediately banned from Kiamaras.com and any affiliated services.  
  • If you no longer want your Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy, you can also give them away in raffles/minigames/competitions should you wish to. Whilst staff will not run these competitions for you, you must adhere to the following guidelines:
    • Competitions/raffles/minigames must end within a month of posting. 
    • If someone enters a competition/raffle/minigame for the character, they must be given to a participant, even if only one user joins in. 
    • You have 2 weeks after the competitions/raffles/minigames to choose a winner. If this is not completed, staff will send a reminder. If after an additional 3 days from the reminder we either have not heard from you or you have not rolled the competition (unless discussed with staff and an agreed-upon outcome has been made) we will close the competition and announce a winner on your part. After this, you will no longer be allowed to host competitions/raffles/minigames, etc. 
  • When trading with other users, once you trade the character to the said user it is considered theirs regardless of whether their half of the trade is completed or not. We highly recommend that if you trade your Kiamaras/Microkiamaras/Dromadairies for anything other than another character on-site to wait until their side of the deal is complete until you trade them over to avoid any issues if they do not complete their side of the deal. If this does occur, staff will be able to help if you provide enough proof that your part of the trade was completed.
  • When trading Kiamaras/Microkiamaras/Dromadairies, they are to be transferred by the user on-site. Staff will not do this on the user's behalf if they do not wish to sign up for the site unless they plan on leaving the species.
  • If we find that users are being scammed by others (for example; sending chargebacks for readopt payments, blocking users after they receive their side of the trade, etc) these users will be banned immediately from the species. 
    • If communication ceases from a user in a trade, this may be seen as scamming behaviour and, depending on circumstance, could be issued a warning or ban. 

  • If you plan on leaving the community as a whole, we will allow you to sell any soulbound characters on your account if you message a member of the admin team. If you do , should you re-join in the future, you will not be able to obtain the Newcomer MYO potion to make another Kiamara upon your return. 

ARPG and quest guidelines

  • All quests must meet their requirements for the piece to be submitted. Whilst you may share art/writing from your quest entries publicly, please note that we may request changes to them if they do not meet the requirements set for the quest.
  • All quest entries must be PG 16, with appropriate trigger warnings on content that you may feel could be triggering to our quest rollers.
  • All quests must mention any buffs, items, pets, or powers being used in their descriptions for them to count. If they are not mentioned in the descriptions, they will not count.
  • You are allowed to place your quest entries on any site before uploading them to Kiamaras.com. You do not have to just use DeviantART for your quest entries.
  • All quest entries must be respectful. We reserve the right to decline an entry that we deem disrespectful.
  • Do not circumvent rules or exploit bugs in the system knowingly. If we find users abusing ‘loopholes’ or exploiting bugs in the ARPG to give them the desired outcome that should not be possible given the rules of the game, these users will be banned from ARPG participation. Examples include:
    • Abusing systems that state an item is limited in quantity per user at a time, but abusing a bug that causes them to be unlimited to gain however many you want. 
  • All artwork/writing must be drawn or written by yourself or commissioned solely for the use of the ARPG. We do not accept older art pieces that have been re-used for a quest entry.
  • All artwork/writing must be unique unless an in-game mechanic allows you to do so. 
  • You cannot use the help of stock images to help you in the creation of your work unless the quest specifically mentions it. 

Gallery, art, and writing guidelines

  •  All gallery submissions must remain PG 16. We do not allow artwork or written work that depicts the following: 
    • Illegal Drug Use
    • Extreme Violence
    • Excessive Gore (including ‘Candy Gore’) 
    • Sexual Language/Sexual poses
    • Pornography
    • Animal Abuse
    • Sexual/Physical Abuse
    • Abuse is the main theme of the art piece. 
    • Deemed as discrimination/promotion of discriminatory practices. 

  • Artwork must be credited to the artist as long as you have the artist's permission to post. Uncredited artwork or work that was never meant to be allowed on-site will be deleted from our gallery.
  • Non-ARPG artwork and writing submitted in our galleries that grant rewards for submissions must be created by yourself for you to be able to claim a reward. These types of pieces you can claim are either personal works of your own Kiamaras, the artwork of the NPCs, or gifts for other users. You cannot submit artwork used for quests in these sections.
    • Artworks and writings submitted for rewards cannot be claimed if they were a commission for someone. If found that you were compensated for the artwork/writing, you will have the reward revoked and a potential suspension of using the artwork reward systems. 

  • AI generated/NFTs  are not permitted in any of our Kiamara services, nor can they be used to create things for quests (for examples; backgrounds). All artwork must be human-drawn and artwork cannot be made into NFTs. 

Warnings, suspensions, and Bans

  • Admins have the right to issue warnings, suspensions, and bans at any time without any notice. 
  • Admins aim to work on handing out warnings on a three-strike system unless the offence is considered extreme enough to warrant an immediate permanent ban.
    • Each strike you receive will be removed after a year if you have no other offences during that year.
    • If you earn another additional 2 strikes during the same year, you will receive a temporary ban. This can last from days to months depending on the offence. 
    • If you make an additional offence within the first year after returning from your temporary ban, you will be permanently banned from all Kiamara services.

  •  If you receive a ban from any Kiamara service, any Kiamara, Microkiamara, or Dromedairy under your ownership will not be revoked. You will, however, no longer be allowed to take part in any Kiamara service in any way.
    • Your Kiamaras.com account will be suspended, with any items, currency, and pets becoming void regardless of how you obtained them. 
    • Your Kiamaras, Microkiamaras, and Dromadairies will still be under your ownership, however, they will be voided(3*) from the species 1 week after your ban. This means you have1 week should you wish to trade, sell, or gift your Kiamaras to other members before we remove them as part of the species. 
    • All voided Kiamaras are bound solely by their designer’s ToS from the moment they are voided from the species.

  • If banned from Kiamaras, your account will be banned with all in-game assets removed. You will not be refunded for any USD purchases made before the ban on any in-game items you have received. 


Kiamaras.com and its owners reserve the right to update these Terms of Service at any time. Terms are subject to change. 



(1*) Closed Species: A species concept that has a community where only a few members ("Artists", "Nursery Artists", "Admin") can create characters under the species name. 

(2*) Other shading placements are not permitted due to them potentially obscuring the design/traits of the Kiamara. You may shade the reference for your personal use outside of the masterlist. 

(3*) Severe Circumstances refer to any circumstances that may put other users at risk.