Welcome to Solaria, Newcomer!

Jumping through rifts into this new world is sure to leave you feeling a little dizzy, nauseous, and potentially confused. So to help you on your adventure, we have put together a little guide for you to get situated in our little plane of reality! So whether you're here to stay for a while and help us get to the bottom of the Calamity, or just here to enjoy the sights, here's all the information you'll need to make your stay in Solaria a fun one.

So, you are probably wondering what you should do first, or where you should start! 
Well, if you haven't already, it would be best for you to make a new account. You can find out how to make a new account, as well as how to attach your DeviantART account to it, here! Once you have signed up, it's time to delve into the world that is Solaria! First stop; obtaining your first character.


Obtaining your first/a playable character

There are many ways of obtaining your first Solarian or Rift Jumper, with two prominent playable species available at this moment in time: Kiamaras and Dromedairies. These species can both take part in all the ARPG quests and the main storyline, however, they both have different traits available to them. There are a variety of ways to obtain both of these species: 

Newcomer MYO Kiamara Potion
All newcomers to the species and ARPG have the chance to create their first Kiamara for free. This is a standard common slot Kiamara that you can pick up from Serah at the Tour Guide shack to help you get started! These are for first-time-owners only, however, and if you already own either a Kiamara or Dromedairy you will not be able to obtain this MYO potion. 

Lost Rift Jumper Quests
With the rifts popping up all over the place, it's no wonder that both Rift Jumpers and Solarians alike tend to get lost in all the interdimensional confusion. Many characters end up falling through completely unaware of where they are and, if you are lucky, they may decide to follow your lead in this strange new world. These free-to-obtain characters are on a roll-based system and are not guaranteed, and to take part in the quest you are able to use any of our NPCs. You can see any lost rift jumpers that are waiting to be found by clicking here

Paid Adoptables
We have a large, talented team of artists who are often creating beautiful playable characters for you all to enjoy! You can currently find any and all open adoptables either on our own Adoptable Gallery or over on our DeviantART Gallery.

Breeding Characters Together
Breeding is where you have two or more character designs mixed together to create 'offspring'.  Sometimes, other users may give away offspring to the community or staff may make offspring to raffle away/split breeding with someone else. If you already have Kiamaras, you will also be able to gain more by breeding your own, or one of yours with another member's kiamaras. 

Purchasing MYO Potions
Other than the FTO MYO Potion, you are also able to obtain MYO's from both the General Store and the Shard Shop. You will be able to obtain a MYO potion once a month from the shops. If you are seeking more, questing with a level 5 microkia or completing the Attunement quests in the manahunters guild is currently the best way to go.

Some quests will have the chance to drop MYO items or reagents to make a MYO tablet/potion - always be sure to check a quests' possible reward tabs! 

Using the NPCs
Breeding is where you have two or more character designs mixed together to create 'offspring'.  Sometimes, other users may give away offspring to the community or staff may make offspring to raffle away/split breeding with someone else. If you already have Kiamaras, you will also be able to gain more by breeding your own, or one of yours with another member's kiamaras. 


Using your characters

Whether you want to help G'ma with some jobs, or even take part in Manahunters Guild activities,  

Kiamaras.com has a wide range of storylines to choose from! Get to know some of your favourite NPCs or take part in the Main Questline to obtain higher-level rewards and pets. Other storylines can be found in our Profession trees (Biotech, Herbalism, and Salvaging) and also our Crafting trees (Manahunting, Engineering, and Cooking). Along the way, you can obtain a variety of collectibles that can be attached to your 'Maras and also gain achievements and buffs!

World Quests:
Every now and then there will be a server-wide effort to do something towards a common goal. Be it to collect 1000 Sun Cookie Doughnuts or to take down a vicious beast; help out the rest of your team by taking part in these quests to gain a bigger prize for you and your team!

We believe a core aspect of any species is customization. You can gain new and exciting traits for your Kiamaras, revamp them to your liking, and even gain buffs and powers for them to use in prompts and breedings. The ideas are endless!

You can also have your Kiamaras start a family, either between two kias you own or between one you own and someone else! Maybe you have developed their stories to see how they would get on, or you're just genuinely curious to see what their offspring are like!

How do you earn things in this ARPG?
Kiamaras.com is an ARPG that is working to have something for anyone. As such, we never judge works based on Quality, but rather if they fall within contextual parameters to allow those who may not be as confident in their awesome art skills to have the same playing field as a more experienced artist. Whether you're a writer, a sculptor, a painter, or anything else - there will be something for you! All quests that you take part in guarantee a prize, whether it's a piece of junk or a lucky roll on a MYO potion. We also have Minimum tier rewards and Maximum tier rewards for those who go the extra mile for the context they put into their pieces.

Credits are the main currency in Solaria and as such these can be used in almost every shop, and almost any item can be traded in for Credits! Each item has its own Credit Value and can be taken to the Trade Shack.
The secondary currency in Solaria are Shards. Shards are obtained by spending real-world money to support the site. There is a separate, special shop for shards called the Shard Bazarr. Here, you can obtain a variety of items, with the most notable being special mimics only obtainable for a limited time called shard mimics.

Finally,  you may see special kinds of currency obtainable from events. Events will usually have their own currency that is only able to be used in that year's event.

Whilst you are able to get a whole bunch of items without crafting, there are a special few items that can only be obtained by combining a few ingredients first. You can even buy some recipes from the Pandrean Library for Book Tokens!


The World of Solaria
It's a big one for sure! There are many critters that live in Solaria and have their own relationships with one another. Different areas within the continent are at war with one another, some have only recently settled to peace, and some are still hidden in plain sight. If you would like to know more about the world of Solaria, click here! Alternatively, whilst we are updating our Lore Pages, maybe join our Discord Server and ask any question in the 'Lore Hub' channel to get a speedier response!

Pets are companions your Kiamara to take on their travels! Most pets have their own hidden ability known as a 'Buff' to help your Kiamara on their journey. They may be able to help you get a specific item, give you a higher chance on a quest, or even needed to help you progress!

NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) are Kiamaras that are not owned by any individual and are able to be used as a temporary characters for those who have no Kiamaras. These NPCs all have their own backstories and all have a very important role to play. Click Here to check out all the active NPCs and what they do!


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How long does it take for me to get my Kia, like on the profile? Because my design got approved but it says I don’t have any kias on my accounts.

2023-09-12 20:27:54

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I'm so excited to see Kia's so successful and alive!

2022-03-17 16:30:43 (Edited 2022-03-18 00:28:09)

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FireOmens Staff Member

Very excited for this! I love all the NPC's and the lore so far! ;o;

2021-12-31 21:05:46

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So excited!

2021-12-31 19:54:18

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