Beast Badges

Beast Badges (BB)

Displays as: 0 Beast Badges
Held by: Users
Book Tokens

Book Tokens (BT)

Displays as: 0 Book Tokens
Held by: Users

Used to purchase recipe books from the library.

Candy Corn

Candy Corn (CC)

Displays as: 0 Candy Corn
Held by: Users
Chefs Sigil

Chefs Sigil (CS)

Displays as: 0 Chefs Sigil
Held by: Users

Credits (C)

Displays as: 0 Credits
Held by: Users

This currency is so widely used, not even The Calamity could take it out of commission!

Egg Tokens

Egg Tokens (ET)

Displays as: 0 Egg Tokens
Held by: Users

Probably best to not chow down on these.


Engineers Sigil

Engineers Sigil (ES)

Displays as: 0 Engineers Sigil
Held by: Users

Faction Standing (Standing)

Displays as: 0 Standing
Held by:

Standing in a given faction.

Gacha Token

Gacha Token (GT)

Displays as: 0 Gacha Token
Held by: Users
Heart Candies

Heart Candies (HC)

Displays as: 0 Heart Candies
Held by: Users

No one knows who makes these chalky treats, but one thing's for sure. They're absolutely everywhere during Affinity Faire.

Manahunters Sigil

Manahunters Sigil (MS)

Displays as: 0 Manahunters Sigil
Held by: Users
Rainbow Gacha Token

Rainbow Gacha Token (RT)

Displays as: 0 Rainbow Gacha Token
Held by: Users

Shards (SD)

Displays as: 0 Shards
Held by: Users
Strange Seeds

Strange Seeds (ss)

Displays as: 0 Strange Seeds
Held by: Users
Sun Cookie

Sun Cookie (SC)

Displays as: 0 Sun Cookie
Held by: Users
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