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Body Types

Kiamara Size Rarities:
Kiamaras can have a variety of sizes, however some are rarer than others! 

  • Common Kiamara Size
    • Due to their hybrid DNA, a typical Kiamara's size is around the size of a Mountain Lion or a Grey Wolf

  • Uncommon Kiamara Size
    • Kiamaras around the size of a Coyote, or the size of an Adult Tiger.

  • Rare Kiamara Size
    • Kiamaras around the size of a Shetland Sheepdog, or the size of a Sun Bear. 

  • Very Rare Kiamara Size
    • Kiamaras around the size of a Chihuahua, or the size of a Polar Bear. 


Kiamara Body Types:
Kiamaras can also have a range of body types! 

Common Body Types: 
  • Standard
    • Kiamaras that are of regular build. 

  • Skinnier / Chubbier / Muscular
    • Kiamaras can also have a range of body builds, such as being thin, chubby, or muscular! These are all common. 

Uncommon Body Types: 
  • Slightly Taller/Shorter
    • Uncommonly, you may find Kiamaras with slightly longer or shorter legs; these overall do not match the likes of, say, a Maned Fox or a corgi, but makes them appear a little shorter/taller.

Very Rare Body Types:
  • Long-Legged / Short-Legged
    • Unlike the Size Rarities that effect the overall size of the kiamara, some kias have legs unproportionate to their bodies. This means some Kiamaras may have a regular body size but may have very long/short legs like a Maned Wolf or Corgi! This trait is Very Rare in Kiamaras. 

Legendary Body Types: 
  • Noodle Body
    • Some kiamaras may have a longer body, giving them an elongated appearance and sometimes even a longer neck! 

Mythical Body Types: 
  • Mythical / Super Noodle Body
    • If a kiamara has a long body akin to Eastern Dragons, this is considered Mythical! 


Physical Ailments
All physical ailments are up to the owner, however some may have limitations. 
  • Scars
    • Kiamaras can have scars completely up to the owner; however on the main reference these must be defined as to not get them confused with markings. They do not pass with breeding. 

  • Missing Limbs
    • Kiamaras can have missing limbs completely up to the owner; this also includes tails. However, in all cases there must be some sort of scarring around the area of amputation. This is so they don't get confused with other traits.


Legendary Alternative Forms
Alternative forms for kiamaras have changed over the years. Currently, an alternate form allows the Kiamara to have a secondary form that is either bigger, smaller, or the same size as their current form. 
Traits are not free-reign with Alternative forms and are solely based on what the kiamara currently has; for example: 
  • The kiamara's main form has Rare Horns, Uncommon Sclera, Uncommon Fangs, and everything else is common. 
    This means the alternative form can have up to 1x Rare Trait and 2x Uncommon traits. You get to choose where they go. Size rarity comes with the alternate form so you do not have to use up one of the sizes for them. 
If you are confused as to how these work, feel free to message Rex or another member of staff to help you! We'll be able to tell you how many traits of what rarity you can use on your alternate form/s!
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