Category: Mecha Critter


0R-30 is a friendly butler bot that was made by Tomas to be a handy companion on any journey you find yourself on. Being able to understand almost any language, except Inturosian, they are perfect to take with you to a new place you've never been to before. It seems that this language understanding also works beyond the rifts as some Droma and 'Mara have reported that their 0R-30s have helped them talk to non-Solarians when they have found themselves falling into another realm but not knowing the language. Despite their knowledge of linguistics, the bot cannot talk other than a series of different-pitched beeping noises and their faceplate is able to display images. Luckily, the user manual helps decipher some of these beeps to make conversation with all others as smooth as possible. Can also produce almost any refreshment!

"Tomas made this? He's getting good with these mechs, isn't he?" 

0R-30's Ability:
Guarantees 1 additional roll on all standard loot tables in guild quests.

Obtainable From: