Balloon Day 2022 Box

Balloon Day 2022 Box

Category: Bags and Boxes

No trade value


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Gives you 1 random piece of gear or mimic from the table below.

" You find a note attached at the bottom of the letter written in an otherworldly script: 'Rex here: Balloon didn't know what to write for this but he is a quarter of a century old today! Birthdays are always a hard one for this admin, but he absolutely deserves everything he gets today, and we wanted to return some of that to you guys! His help in getting this website up and running, supporting Kiamaras for the past few years, and just being an overall great Admin, Husband, and Father, will always be appreciated and words cannot truly describe how much of a great human being this dude is. So let's make this old farts' day and wish him a Happy Birthday!'The letter seems to finish there. Who on earth are these people? Well, they're not here now, may as well open the box! "

- Obtainable from the General Store on Balloon Day and from G'Ma's Biscuit Tin

Loot when opened