Powers, Blessings, and Curses guide

Powers, Blessings, and Curses are found all throughout Solaria with each one being obtained in a diverse way that it's always hard to tell exactly how a 'Mara or Droma managed to obtain one. Some are born with them, with both Minor and Major powers being passed down from generation to generation. Some are bestowed upon someone who has shown such a great demonstration of either bringing chaos to the world or restoring order to it. Blessings and Curses tend to be bestowed upon those lucky, or unlucky, individuals who do some sort of great deed that a Minor or Major power simply isn't enough. These powers tend to have some sort of advantage in the world of Solaria. From helping out in quests, or blessing offspring with different traits, there is such a wide range of power you can hope to obtain, with many more being found along the way! 

Minor and major powers:

There are two types of powers your Kiamara or Dromadairy can obtain in the world of Solaria; Minor and Major. 

  • Minor Powers:
    • These very rare traits for Kiamaras and Dromadairies are the lesser variant of powers. Whilst still powerful in their own right, those that wield these powers are not able to reach the power's full potential due to there being a barrier stopping the power from going out of hand. It is often thought that Hyjal, the serpent of order, is in charge of handing out these powers due to it being less likely to cause destruction. This is just a theory.
  • Major Powers:
    • These legendary traits for Kiamaras and Dromadairies are the greater variety of powers. These powers have no limits to what they can or can't do in their respective field, which has led to the theory that Tumult, the serpent of Chaos, hands these powers out to those who are worthy due to their high likelihood to be used for chaotic means. 

There is no limit to how many times a Kiamara or Dromadairy can be bestowed a power, nor how many they can use in a quest, however, there are restrictions as to how you can have the buff apply during a quest.

How to apply a power from a power capsule:

Power capsules are obtained from the quest "Pursuit of Power" in Benji's Shrine and are the only other way, other than breeding with a character that already has a power, to have either a Major or Minor power apply to a character. These power capsules can only be attached to the character who was the focus character in the quest entry that rolled it.

When you obtain a power capsule from the quest "Pursuit of Power", there are some steps you must take to apply the power to the character:

  1. Click on the character who you used as the focus character in the successful quest from your characters. 
  2. Click on the Update Design tab on the left of the character's profile.
  3. Click Create Request.
  4. Click on the 'Comments' section of the Update Design form and input what power you are applying to your character*, and a link to the successful quest. 
    • This should look something like this.
    • Remember: the power added to the character will be the same power that was used in the submission. You will not get a different power. 
  5. Fill out the rest of the form and submit; if all is okay with the information provided the reference will be accepted within 5 days of posting. 

Only after the power has been attached and the submission has been approved will you be able to use your new power within a quest or breeding. 

Power Submission requirements:

All submissions require the user to label what powers they are using, even if they are clearly shown in artwork or described in writing. This is so our rollers are able to tell which pet buffs you are going for. Please be sure to let the rollers know in the 'Comment' section of a quest entry as shown below: 

If powers are used that are not attached to the character, or you have not written in the comment section what powers you want to be used, the quest will be rolled without the power buffs.
If this was a mistake, you are able to cancel your quest entry before this gets rolled so you are able to resubmit your prompt entry.

Art requirements:

For art pieces, powers must be shown in one way or another. This includes quests that only require busts of the kiamara/dromadairy in their prompt requirements. They do not have to be detailed and as long as the power is drawn in a way that it can be easily recognisable that they are using the power they have attached. You are also able to explain in the comment section of each quest submission how they are using their power and, if we feel this is appropriate for the power attached, it will be accepted.  In each power's description, we have supplied different ways you could depict a power to inspire you in your prompts if you are struggling. 

Here is a visual example for you to see:

Writing requirements:

For writing pieces, in order for your pets to have their power buff to be counted, you must write an additional 50 words per power being used on top of the required word count for the prompt. You will also have to write about your character using the power at least once in the story for it to count. This means if you use three powers in a prompt, you must add an additional 150 words to your prompt and show them being used at least once each in the story.

You can see from the following written examples what would be accepted, and what would be declined:

Accepted Written Power Quest Example  -  Declined Written Pet Quest Example 


Power, Blessings, and curses F.A.Q:

As people ask questions about the power systems that haven't been addressed in this guide, they will go here to help those who may have the same question! Until there are any that have been addressed, if you have a question or concern about the Power system, please leave a comment below, post in the Questions and Concerns channel on the Discord Group or post in our Anonymous Questions and Concerns Google Form


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