Dockmaster Kenwood

A tired, over-worked ex-sea captain who puts everything he has into the jobs at hand.

Dockmaster Kenwood

'Yes, I have an actual first name. No, you may not know it...'

- Uncommon Kiamara- 

   Scars - Roman Nose
   Less Fur - Iris Heterochromia - Odd Feather Placement - Slightly Larger Ears - Slightly Longer Hair

Kenwood is often described as the most important person living in Solaria and there is some truth to that too. Being the Harbormaster of the main port city, Newport, he has the all-important albeit rather repetitive job of ensuring shipments come in and go, tracking their wares all over the continent. Kenwood is a firm believer of "f you want it done right, do it yourself "and can often be seen taking on additional roles and work to help meet deadlines or ensure the result is a high standard. A private person, he often lies about his past to those that ask, giving them a variety of different backstories, none of them matching each other. All that is constant is the name he gives; Kenwood.