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Feather Hunt

Feather Hunt

Category: Radiant

"Looking to upgrade your current feathers? You've come to the right place!"


Requires: Level 2

The World of Solaria has been home to Kiamaras of all colours, shapes, and creeds for thousands of years and the Calamity makes no change to that. New friendships have blossomed, Kiamara’s from far away lands have made Solaria their home and new creatures have littered the streets and valleys with community spirit and kindness. Kiamaras on Solaria are unbound by any type of restriction and forge their own destinies anyway they see fit.

Despite the fact that the new Kiamaras on Solaria have been nonchalant about their new surroundings, there are some things that remain a mystery. The feathers that have become commonplace for most Kiamara’s have begun acting strange, as if they have become sentient, they will only latch onto a Kiamara should they prove themselves. Your Kiamara has already been through the initiation and gained their feathers, now is the time to try to obtain rarer ones. Even though the Solarian Kiamaras aren't too sure of the difference between feathers, there are whispers in the wind about how the higher the rarity, the better the chance you have against... something. 

Please read over the Quest Information before starting this quest!



"Ah, I see ya returned from yer feather trial. Benji give ya the whole 'You are our salvation and only hope yadda yadda yadda' nonsense,  'did 'e, ey? We live in'ah realm where we have critters that can fly without havin' wings, ya can shoot magic out of yer eyeballs, an' some of us can never die - are ya really buyin' into his 'only hope' shibang? Well, that's up to ya, but if yer here buyin' into things, then I 'ave a little proposition for ya. See, you may have noticed me Trade Shack in the Marketplace, and I will buy anythin' that you're sellin'. So before yer goes hopping on this 'Saviour of Solaria' tangent, why don't yer bring anything yet find down to my shop and I can make ya a rich 'Mara indeed..."


Is your Kiamara after feathers to fulfill their supposed prophecy, or for Sal's profit?

  • Does your Kiamara believe that they are there in Solaria to help?
  • Does the allure of Credits get them through their potentially hazardous adventures?
  • Are they in search of the Mythical Feather?
  • Do they believe their fortune lies in the bottom of a Cave?
  • Perhaps they try to follow these whispers about rarer feathers?
  • Or maybe, they are still confused about jumping through the rift?

Minimum Art Requirements: 
Custom Artwork:Must at least be a headshot of the Kiamara. Must be at least a coloured sketch of the Kiamara. Must show whether the Kiamara prioritizes Credits, Feathers, or if they do not know. 
Read more about Minimum Requirements for Artwork here! 

User-Created Colour-Ins: Must be fully lined, coloured, and have at least basic cell-shading. Must have a defined background. Must show what the Kiamara prioritizes, whether that be Credits, Feathers, or if they do not know. Can only be used once per Kiamara. 

Minimum Writing Requirements:
Must be at least 200 words in length. Must mention the Kiamaras name. Must mention if they prioritize Credits, Feathers, or if they do not know. Must mention an opinion on Sal or Benji. 

- Feathers 207-image.png
- Junk 
- Species Items 83-image.png

Stat & Level Rewards

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No character rewards.
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