Pet and Mimic Guide

Pets are little critters found all over Solaria, each with their own unique stories and attributes. Pets help your Kiamaras/Dromdairies find some exciting treasures on your journey and whilst each 'Mara/Droma can take as many pets as they'd like on their journeys, they can only use the buffs of up to three unique pets during any quest (unless specified in the quest Requirements).  There are a variety of different pets out there to collect and take on your adventures, and you can see the full list of them right here! 

There are two types of pets; Buff Pets (Often referred to as simply Pets) and Mimic Pets (Often referred to as simply Mimics).

  • Buff Pets:
    • These pets have a use attached to them that can be used in quests.  The type of buff a pet can be seen on their masterlist description. You cannot use two of the same pet in a quest, even when using mimics, however if you have two different pets with the same buff both of their buffs will apply. 
  • Mimic Pets:
    • Mimics are mischevious pets that have their own unique ability; they can pair up with a Buff Pet to use their buff for the duration of a Quest. From a gameplay perspective, this means you have the chance to change the appearance of a pet for the duration of a quest entry. You cannot use two of the same mimic in a single quest, nor can you use mimics to use two of the same pet in the same quest. (For example, you can't use two Fire Cracker Slime buff pets in the same quest, even if you use two different mimics on the pets.)

Submission requirements:

Both Buff Pets and Mimic Pets must be attached to a Kiamara/Dromadairy for their buff to be rolled. In order to attach a pet to your character, here's a little step-by-step guide: 

  1.  Click on the pet you wish to attach to your Kiamara from your inventory. 
  2. Click on the "Attach Pet To Character" dropdown and choose the number of the Kiamara/Dromadairy you wish to attach them too.
  3. Click 'Attach' in the bottom right of the dropdown menu. 
  4. Your pet will now be attached to your Kiamara/Dromadairy

If you are using mimic pets, both the mimic and the pet you are using the buff of must both be attached to the same Kiamara/Dromadairy. 

Additionally, all submissions require the user to label what pets they are using, even if they are shown in the artwork. This is so our rollers are able to tell which pet buffs you are going for. Please be sure to let the rollers know in the 'Comment' section of a quest entry as shown below: 

If pets are not attached to a Kiamara/Dromadairy, or you have not written in the comment section what pets you want to be used, the quest will be rolled without the pet buff. 
If this was a mistake, you are able to cancel your quest entry before this gets rolled so you are able to resubmit your prompt entry.

Art requirements:

For art pieces, pets must be fully drawn in order for their buff to be counted. This includes quests that only require busts of the kiamara/dromadairy in their prompt requirements. They do not have to be detailed and as long as the pet is drawn in a way that it can be easily recognisable as the Buff Pet (or the mimic attached to it) it will be counted and the buff attached. 

Here is a visual example for you to see:

Writing requirements:

For writing pieces, in order for your pets to have their buffs to be counted you must write an additional 50 words per pet on top of the requirement word count for the prompt, whilst also having the pet be used throughout the story. This means if you use three pets in a prompt, you must add an additional 150 words to your prompt.

You can see from the following written examples what would be accepted, and what would be declined:

Accepted Written Pet Quest Example  -  Declined Written Pet Quest Example 

Pet F.A.Q:

As people ask questions about the pet systems that haven't been addressed in this guide, they will go here to help those who may have the same question! Until there are any that have been addressed, if you have a question or concern about the Pet system, please leave a comment below, post in the Questions and Concerns channel on the Discord Group Discord Group, or post in our Anonymous Questions and Concerns Google Form


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