Microkiamara Guide

Microkias are an open-species character-type in the world of Solaria that can aid your Kiamaras and Dromadaires through their travels and are one of the easier ways of obtaining trait stones and MYO Potions! These little furry friends can be upgraded to obtain higher-rarity items via the Pet Daycare and their MYO item can be obtained for free from the Pet Emporium.

These Microkiamaras are able to have any traits you'd like and can be edited physically in any way as well, with many taking after their bonded Kiamara. The only thing that is consistant across all Microkiamaras are their triangular spots and their location. 

Microkiamaras bond to both ‘Maras and Droma alike and you can own as many as your heart desires, however, each Kiamara/Dromadairy can only have one Microkia attached to them at a time and, thus, can only use one Microkia’s buff during a quest at a time. You are able to change what Micro is attached to a Kiamara/Dromadairy, however, if you do this the Microkia will get reverted back to Level 1 if you have already. Microkiamaras are also not considered Pets in the world of Solaria but rather a character, so you are unable to use mimics on them to change their appearance.

When using a Microkiamara in a prompt, depending on whether or not you are drawing or writing for your entry will depend on what you would need to do to have their buff included.

Microkiamara Levels:

Microkiamaras have 5 different levels, with every Micro starting at level 1. With each level your Micro gains, they will obtain a new buff starting with level 2. You can level-up your Micros at the Pet Daycare via doing the microkiamara questline and both the Microkiamara and the Kiamara/Dromadairy must be owned by the same user. You can only do one quest in the questline each week. You can see each level's buff here: 


50% No reward 
35% Old Collectors Bag
15% Uncommon Stone


40% No Reward
35% Old collectors Bag
15% Uncommon Stone
10% Rare Stone


35% No Reward
35% Old collectors Bag
15% Uncommon Stone
10% Rare Stone
5% Very Rare Stone


30% No Reward
35% Old collectors Bag
15% Uncommon Stone
10% Rare Stone
5% Very Rare Stone
5% Common MYO Potion


Submission requirements:

For a Micro's buff to be accepted within a quest, they must be attached to a Kiamara/Dromadairy. In order to attach a Microkiamara to your Kiamara/Dromadairy, they must take part in the 'Companion Ceremony' quest at the Pet Daycare. Once this has been accepted, you will notice on your Microkiamara's profile that they will have a link to the Kiamara/Dromadairy's 'Buff' section that they are attached. This also applies to the Kiamara/Dromadairy. 

Additionally, all submissions require the user to attach their Microkiamara to their quest entry and label what level the buff is in the comments sections. This is so our rollers are able to tell which buff your Microkiamara has and if you use more than one Mirokiamara for story purposes, which one will be used. You can do this like the following example: 

If a Microkiamara is not attached to your Kiamara, quest entry, or do not have their level written in the comment box, their buff will not be rolled for. 
If this was a mistake, you are able to cancel your quest entry before this gets rolled so you are able to resubmit your prompt entry.


Art requirements:

For art pieces, your Microkiamara will have to follow the requirements for the prompt the same as the Kiamara/Dromadairy. For example; if the requirements request: Must at least be a sketchy, flat-coloured fullbody, then your Microkiamara must also follow these.

You can see an example here of what you would have to do based on the requirements of the following prompt:


Writing requirements:

For writing pieces, in order for the microkiamara buff to count you would need to add an additional word limit that is equal to half of the original word limit. For example, if a prompt requires 400 words for it to be accepted, you would need to write an additional 200 words. The microkiamara must also be present throughout the story, not just mentioned once.

You can see from the following written examples what would be accepted, and what would be declined:

Accepted Written Microkiamara Quest Example  -  Declined Written Microkiamara Quest Example 

Pet F.A.Q:

As people ask questions about the Microkiamara systems that haven't been addressed in this guide, they will go here to help those who may have the same question! Until there are any that have been addressed, if you have a question or concern about the Microkiamara system, please leave a comment below, post in the Questions and Concerns channel on the Discord Group Discord Group, or post in our Anonymous Questions and Concerns Google Form

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