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Once you've proven yourself in the Feather Trial, an abundance of new adventures and stories awaits - but you may not know exactly where to start, nor feel up to going on a grand expedition so shortly after completing an act of true bravery! Luckily for you, the residents of Solaria are always in need of help with smaller tasks and are always happy to give a reward in return. Whether they need your help in searching for a lost item, handing out flyers to the community to advertise their business, or even if they need help learning something new - there's always a new job being advertised, so be sure to check back often!

Please read over the Quest Information before submitting an entry.

Tasty Treats

Requires: Level 2 - Art Only


Well hey there, sweet cheeks! It's been a while since my grand openin' of my little shop hasn't it? I hope your newest pets have been treating you well and helping you on your travels! Speaking of treats, I remember that back when I first opened up here in Pandrea my Lampyre treats were nowhere to be found and the lovely folks around here helped me out so much!... Well, uh... I hope you're in the mood to cook some biscuits! It seems the cookies have become every domesticated pet's favourite treat, especially since I've made a new shape - Dregonian! I just can't keep up...Mind helping a lass out?”

Help G’ma make some more Cookies!:

  • Will you return to some of the previous batches you have made and turn them into Dregonian Cookies?
  • Maybe you will decorate your cookies with icing to give them more colour?
  • Did you go healthier with fruit and oats, or did you throw caution to the wind and make a salted firecracker coco cookie? 
  • Maybe a bit of food colouring was all you added?
  • Or maybe you wanted to make the wackiest cookie there was?






Standard Art Requirements: 
Must colour in either the Lampyre or Dregonian cookie lines found here. Must show what ingredients went into the cookie base and any toppings. 

Each entry obtains one reward from each box:

Possible Rewards:
Possible Rewards:

Overcoming Anxiety

Requires: Level 2 - Writing ONLY


Hey there, uh I was wondering if you could help me maybe, please? I’ve been really struggling to write this letter. It’s to a friend out in Solaria somewhere, but it’s uh, been a while. You know when you mean to reply to something but things just keep getting in the way? Yeah, it’s like that… I’m kinda nervous because I don’t really know what to say, it’s been a while and so much has happened, I don't know where to even start!. It’s kinda lame but, maybe you could help me? Like maybe you have something you need to get off your chest that you could write down? We could do it together? You don’t even have to send it if you don’t want to, but I do know it’s better to write things down instead of bottling them up, and I'd feel a lot more comfortable writing with company...What d’ya say?


Write a note, anonymous or not, with something you’ve been meaning to say:

  • Who do you write the letter to? 
  • Is the note to yourself? Perhaps there's something you've been meaning to get off your chest? 
  • Maybe your heart skips a beat every time someone special walks past and you just need to tell someone!
  • Or perhaps it's to someone who upset you and you want to let them know exactly how they made you feel? 
  • You could even send a letter to your past or future self, telling them about how your life is or what you hope to achieve? 
  • What's stopping you from being able to let your feelings known?




Standard Writing Requirements:
Must be at least 200 words in length. Your Kiamara's note must be at least 100 words if writing from a third perspective/setting the scene outside of the note. Must mention an emotion.

Each entry obtains one reward from each box:

Possible Rewards:
Possible Rewards

Lost Property

Requires: Level 2


“Right, it started with 500 crates, and luckily, thanks to your help, we are slowly getting through them. Unfortunately, we still have around 300 more to go and without labels, we have no idea as to where they are to be delivered, or who they belong to. You've helped us so far, 'Mara, would you be able to help out once again? As always, you'll be paid for your time. Thank you. Whilst you hunt down the owner of this box, I'm going to find the one who forgot to label these and give them a piece of my mind... So unnecessary... I mean who on all of Solaria could be dumb enough to send 500 crates WITHOUT LABELS?! Breath, Kenwood, Breath...” Kenwood huffs as he walks away. Seems like he has a lot on his plate.


What crates does your Kiamara crack open and what do they find?

  • Have you picked the smallest crate possible so you can get this over and done with?
  • Do you open the crate and find a box of stale sun cookies? Why did Gus leave them there!?
  • Maybe you’ve opened a crate full of Bait that is meant for G’ma?
  • Perhaps you have stumbled upon a full crate of credits? What do you do with it?
  • What journey did the crate you opened lead you on? Maybe it took you to a faraway village?
  • Is the crate empty and Kenwood has one less thing to worry about?

Standard Art Requirements:
Must at least be a sketched bust with flatcolour. Must show the contents of the Box. Must show a thought bubble with where they think it should go.
Read more about Minimum Requirements for Artwork here! 

Standard Writing Requirements:
Must be at least 200 words in length. Must mention the Kiamaras name. Must mention what was in the box. Must mention where they think it should go. Must describe one thing they saw on their journey. .

Each entry obtains one reward from each box:

Guaranteed Rewards
Possible Rewards