Kiamara Revamp and Line Transfer guide

So, you have a character that you love but you think editing something on them would make them perfect? Well, Kiamaras, Dromedairys, and Microkiamaras can all be revamped at any time to either edit their design or to upgrade traits onto them! Due to how some of the different species that roam Solaria work depends on how you can edit or revamp them so we have put together some handy guides together for you. This is the guide for Kiamaras.

Kiamara trait and revamp items:

In the world of Solaria, you can find many different types of items that a Kiamara can use to upgrade their looks and rarity, from potions that can change colours, items that can give your Kiamara a specific trait, or stones that let you choose from a variety of traits in selective rarity brackets! Be sure to check an items description to understand what exactly they are used for and how you can use them. 


Revamp-specific Items

Revamp-specific items are only used to edit an existing design without upgrading their rarity. These items can only be used on a premade Kiamara only. 

Kaleidoscope Trinket: This allows the user to hue-shift their design over 30% of the original design. 

Eye Drops: Changes the Kiamara's eye colour.

Relocator Stone: Allows a trait to be relocated to another location on the Kiamara.

Pot of Ink: This grants a free line transfer of your Kiamara onto an official line set by one of our transfer staff.


Specific trait items

Specific Trait items usually have the trait they can be used for written in their title or description. These cannot be changed when applying them onto a Kiamara, unless using a relocator stone after the revamp cooldown period. 

Some of these items also give for more than one trait allowing to be added, ensure a new colour is added along with the trait, or present you with a choice between traits. 

Some examples of these types of items include: 

Angler's Brew. Minty Elf-Ear Jelly, and Skelescope.


trait stones and Feathers

Trait stones, generally obtained from the General Store and the Shard Bazaar as well as quests, give you the ability to grant your Kiamara any trait within the rarity bracket the stone falls within or lower. 

Feathers can only be obtained from Feather Trials and Feather Hunts. These work similarly to trait stones, but they effect the feathers only. 

This means if you obtain a Rare Stone, for example, you can choose any Rare or Uncommon traits for your Kiamara to use it on. 

Kiamara edit,  revamp, and Line Transfer guidelines:

When editing, revamping, or transferring your Kiamaras onto another line set, you must abide by the following rules. Failure to do so may lead to your submission being sent back for edits or declined entirely. 

  • Anyone can create a revamp or a line transfer of a Kiamara. Transfer artists are the only users who can accept Pot of Ink items to do the transfer for free.
  • Revamps and line transfers must be done on an official lineset, unique custom lines, or a custom personal line set.
    • These linesets refer to any of these linesets, or if you have made a custom lineset that you wish to use on multiple Kiamaras that has been approved by an admin before use. You can contact an admin in the Kiamara Discord Server. Unique custom lines will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • If your Kiamara is already on a set of official lines, you may draw over them if it is easier for you when updating their design or revamping them. If they are done on non-official lines, you must obtain permission from the original artist of the masterlist image.
  • Kiamaras have a 2 week cooldown period between revamps.
    • This does not include the first time you add feathers to your Kiamara after they have completed their feather trial, unless you decide to edit/revamp the design at the same time as applying their first feathers. 
  • You cannot edit/revamp a Kiamara to resemble another Kiamara/Character, even with permission from the original owner.
    • This is so we do not have designs that look related when they are not originally related visually. 
  • The overall design must resemble the original design. 
    • Design updates are decided upon by the admin team. If we feel that the updated design isn't identifiable as the original design, we will ask for alterations.
    • Should this be the case, we will offer various options as to what you can do to edit it for it to be accepted. You do not need to follow these as they are simply suggestions, but these will give you a vague idea on how you could edit the design. We will do this as many times as needed to help you get your design update approved. 
    • These are discussed and approved on a case-by-case basis due to things such as stylisation.
  • Traits must either be supplied via trait stones or via specific trait items. These must be attached to your design update for it to be accepted.
    • We will send back design updates that do not have the appropriate items attached.  
    • If we believe how you have designed your Kiamara may resemble different traits to what is listed, the design update will be declined with alteration requirements. They will not be accepted unless met or if you provide a trait stone/item to cover the rarity increase the way they are drawn gives.
  • You may add any and all common traits to your Kiamara without the use of an item. 
  • You can replace, downgrade, or remove a trait on your Kiamara without the use of an item. 
    • Replace: You may replace a trait on your Kiamara on the same place. For example, changing Fluffier Ears to Slightly Larger Ears.
    • Downgrade: You may downgrade a trait on your Kiamara. For example, changing Void Eyes to Coloured Sclera. If you chose to downgrade, the trait does not get split. Once downgraded, you would need an item of equal rarity value to re-add the old trait again.
    • Remove: You can completely remove a trait on your kiamara should you wish to. If you decide to remove a trait, that trait is considered lost. You will not get compensated in the form of rarity stones if you decide to remove a trait, so ensure you are 100% sure before removing the trait. 
  • You cannot move traits around on your Kiamara without the use of aRelocator Stone.
  • You cannot move traits around on your Kiamara from their feathers.
    • Due to feathers not being genetic to the Kiamara they cannot be swapped, even with the use of a Relocator Stone.
  • You cannot change the eye colour of your Kiamara without using the Eye Drops item. 
    • This is due to some items requiring the user to have the eye colour be a specific colour and can effect the rarity of the eyes. 
  • You may hue shift your Kiamara entirely up to 30% without an item 
    • Here is an example of an acceptable hue shift without using an item
    • For hue shifts greater than 30%, you will need to use a Kaleidoscope Trinket
    • Individual marking colours are fine to be changed as hue shifting should affect either half or the entirety of a Kiamara.

Examples of approved and declined revamps:

Due to the nature of revamps and design updated being approved or declined on a case-by-case basis, we have provided some visual guides for different Kiamaras and how they can be changed/edited! 


Declined Examples

Click on the respective images to be taken to a full-view version for easier reading. 



Approved Examples

Click on the respective images to be taken to a full-view version for easier reading. 




How to submit your design update/revamp/line transfer:

Once you have finished with the visuals of your Kiamara's design update, revamp, or line transfer, please follow the following steps:

  • First, click on the the Kiamara you wish to update/revamp/give a line transfer to. (For this example, we will be using Kn-067 )
  • Then, click on 'Update Design' located on the left of the page.
  • From there, fill out all the tabs that are required. 
    • Comments: Here you should mention things like any items being used, what kind of edits are being made to the design, or if they are being transferred onto another line set. 
      • You cannot leave the comment section blank. Those that leave the comment section blank will have their design updates sent back. 
    • Masterlist Image: Here you must upload the image you wish to have displayed on their masterlist. You must also supply the name of their designer and an artist if applicable, including if that person is you. 
    • Add Ons: Here, if you are using any items for your design update/revamp/line transfer you must add them here. You may leave it blank if you do not have anything to add here. 
    • Traits: Here you must input any traits the Kiamara will gain, including any common ones you have added by editing the lines. 
  • Once completed, simply click "Submit Request" and voila, you are all set! Our staff has a maximum of a 5-day wait period for design updates/revamps/line transfers to be approved, however, you will be notified on your account if the submission has been accepted/cancelled/declined!
    • This wait resets if we require you to make edits to your Kiamara before it can be approved. 

Design Edits/revamps/Line Transfer F.A.Q:

As people ask questions about the system that allows you to edit designs, make revamps, or make line transfers that haven't been addressed in this guide, they will go here to help those who may have the same question! Until there are any that have been addressed, if you have a question or concern about edits, revamps, and line transfers, please leave a comment below, post in the Questions and Concerns channel on the Discord Group , or post in our Anonymous Questions and Concerns Google Form