Dromedairy Make-Your-Own Guide

Dromedairy are a closed-species character type in the world of Solaria that are a playable character in the ARPG, able to develop through the Main Story and Side Quests, and obtain all game-related items! These are a second type of playable character obtainable to the player through questing to create MYOs or by adopting them. 

Unlike Kiamaras, Dromedairies are not a varied customisable species where you are able to upgrade traits depending on the rarity stones, but rather their rarity comes from speciation and where geographically they can be found. Due to Dromedairies being used more as a pest controllant on farms by the Inturos of Solaria, they were designed specifically to withstand the climates they are found in. Now that the Inturos are no longer around, mutations in the form of pelt colours can be found, though the characteristics remain the same. 

Different Dromedairy MYO tablets:

In the world of Solaria, Dromedairies can appear in a variety of ways. Some are simply born as Solarian Dromedairies, being native to that plane of existence. Some fall through the various volatile rifts that pop up from place to place almost without a warning, and a few are created almost by magic from the unknown tablets that are found throughout the lands left behind by the Inturos.


MYO Tablets

MYO tablets grant the user a MYO based on the subtype of the Dromedairy tablet. For example; Grassland MYOs will only allow users to use the Grassland lines and Grassland colours. 

Whilst these do not allow the Single-Parent Variant of the subtype's colouration genes, you can add any trait items to change their colourations. 


Glowing Stasis Seeds

Glowing Stasis Seeds are a craftable-only item that's crafting material can only be obtained from the quest Attunement in the Manahunters Guild.

Once crafted, these Dromedairy may end up being either a Common, Uncommon, or Rare Subtype with up to Rare genes and traits. 

If you have a Glowing Stasis Seed, you can find out how to obtain their traits lower down in this guide!

How to obtain your Dromedairy MYO slot:

Once you have obtained your MYO Tablet, in order to use it and create a new Dromedairy, you must open the slot from your inventory by doing the following:

  • Locate the MYO Tablet in your inventory and click on it.
  • Once clicked, make sure you select the little tick box on the popup shown here .  
  • Next, simply click "open" . Once clicked, you'll be able to find the slot in your MYO slots tab.

From here, you will now permanently have this slot attached to your account unless you wish to trade/transfer/gift them to another user, providing the MYO slot allows for it. To see if your MYO slot allows for trades, simply click on the slot from the MYO slots tab. and look at the 'Stats' section, as this will give you an indication of whether you are able to or not.

Glowing Stasis Seeds and How to obtain their Traits:

Stasis Dromedairy can be either common, uncommon, or rare in traits and also Subtype. Which traits and type you get completely depends on the traits rolled! 
We roll the traits for Stasis Dromedairy based on categories rather than individual traits and we roll them how we would roll Uncommon Traits in breedings (In a roll of 100, 1-55 is common, 56-70 is Uncommon, and 71-100 would be rare).

Here is a list of the following trait categories we roll for: 

  • Subtype 
    • Your Dromedairy has the chance to become either a Grassland, Sand, Swamp, Highland, or Beach subtype.
  • Full Colouration Genes
    • Your Dromedairy has the chance to get either their standard colouration gene, their Single-Parent pallette gene, or any uncommon/rare full gene palettes. 
    • Full Colouration Gene palettes are traits that have Base colours, Accent colours, and Pieblad colours all present. 
  • Base Colouration Genes
    • Your Dromedairy has the chance to get any uncommon/rare Base Colouration Genes.
    • Base Colouration Gene palettes are traits where the gene will override the base colours of the full colouration gene rolled. 
  • Accent Colouration Genes
    • Your Dromedairy has the chance to get any uncommon/rare Accent Colouration Genes.
    • Accent Colouration Gene palettes are traits where the gene will override the accent colours of the full colouration gene rolled. 
  • Piebald Colouration Genes
    • Your Dromedairy has the chance to get any uncommon/rare Piebald Colouration Genes. 
    • Piebald Colouration Gene palettes are traits where the gene will override the piebald colours of the full colouration gene rolled. 
  • Recessive Genes
    • Your Dromedairy has the chance to get up to 3 recessive genes that are either uncommon/rare.
  • Chimeric Gene

Since Dromedairy MYOs from Glowing Stasis Seeds have their traits manually rolled by a member of the admin team, to have your MYO's traits rolled all you have to do is:

  • Once you have opened your Glowing Stasis Seed, make sure that you can find them in your MYO slots tab.
    • This will be titled as a 'Stasis Dromedairy' to better differentiate from any other slots you may have.
  • Once you can see the slot, you will have to  submit a new claim
  • On your claim, you must include the following:
    • The link to the Stasis MYO you wish for an admin to roll. 
    • Claims without the link being added to the claim description will be rejected.
  • Once your claim has been submitted, a member of the team will roll the traits your Dromedairy will have within 5 days of the claim submission. You will be notified when this claim has been completed. 

The traits that your Stasis Dromedairy obtain from the staff must be added to the MYO before you can use a relocator stone or Mutato Stone as these items can only be used on already-made Dromedairies. 


Make-Your-Own Rules:

Whilst we thoroughly enjoy seeing everyone's creations come through into the wonderful world that is Solaria, we have a few rules in place that need to be followed in order to get your newest Dromedairy approved. If we feel that any of these rules are not followed, we will cancel your design update request for you to make future edits with said appropriate edits listed in the cancellation for you to help get your MYO approved.

  • All Dromedairy MYOs must be made on here, unique custom lines, or a custom lineset that has been pre-approved by an admin.
    • If you wish to have your own custcom lineset that you wish to use for all your MYOs and/or line transfers that will be uploaded as their official image on-site, you must have them approved by a member of the admin team. This is so we can ensure traits of the individual sub-species are kept the same. If you wish to use them personally off-site, you do not need approval as these would be considered non-cannon within the game. 
    • Unique custom lines for MYOs are also able to be used without needing a lineset approved as we will eye-ball the traits for their initial image.
  • All MYOs cannot be based on the following: 
    • Another user's character/Dromedairy.
    • Copywritten characters without express permission from the IP holder.
      • Overall, we do not allow characters within the species to be based on other IP characters currently under copyright unless you have permission from the IP/Copyright owners you may do so. If you do have proof of permission, you must supply this information in your design upload along with the character the Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy is based on. There can be more than one Kiamara/Microkiamara/Dromedairy based on the same character IP at the same time. The following examples of permission can be:
        • Messages from the copyright holders between yourself and them showing they permit you to use the character for commercial use (as Kiamaras allow purchases of any kiamara)
        • Have a public record of allowing commercial use of their characters from their IPs. 
        • Are a character under public domain in the USA. 
      • You may take inspiration from aspects of copywritten characters for your MYO designs,  however, as a general rule of thumb, if we can tell it's the character and you do not have express permission from the IP holder, they will be declined. 
    • A character you own but do not have the artists content to bring into the species. 
    • A character that is part of another site/closed-species that you do not have the content of the site owner/species owner to bring into the species.
  • MYO designs that are deemed to be offensive/disrespectful to an individual/group that goes against our Terms of Service. 
  • You can only use the lineset based on which Dromedairy MYO you have.
    • For example; you cannot make a Highland Dromedairy out of a Grassland MYO. 
  •  MYOs must follow the species' biology which can be here.
  • You can only choose from the colours listed on the Dromedairy's pallette unless using an item that guarantees a different pallette.
    • For example; Grassland Dromedairies can only use the Grassland pallette. If you add a colour that isn't on the pallette, it will be declined and asked to be removed. 
    • The only way you can change colours is if you obtain an item that allows for unique colours or a pallette swap. You can read more about these in the Dromedairy Revamp and Transfer Guide. 
    • Whilst colours are limited to sub-type, markings are not!
  • You may change the hair style of the Dromedairy, however you cannot make the hair longer than the sub-species type's length.
    • You may, however, make it shorter if you wish to.  
  • You cannot change the style or length of horns that a Dromedairy has, however you can make them shorter. 
  • Eye colour must be any of the colours on the Dromedairy's palette and can show heterochromia, multi-coloured irises, and coloured sclera. 
  • All MYOs can have physical disabilities, ailments, and amputated limbs should you wish to do so, however these cannot be done for aesthetic purposes. If you give your Dromadairy one of these traits, they are permanent and you will not be able to reverse this. 
  • MYOs can have limited shading on their references. This applys only to the following: 
    • Eyes
    • Hair
    • Accessories. 
      • If any other areas of shading are present, the MYO submission will be declined. 
  • You may add small accessories only to your MYO that cannot obscure the design. 
  • You are unable to make official breedings with Dromedairy MYO tablets and this can only be done with Nursery Make-Your-Own (NMYO) tablets instead.

Examples of approved and declined myos:

Due to Dromedairies working differently to how Kiamaras work, we have put together some examples to help you see what would be accepted or declined within the set parameters. 


Declined Designs



Approved Designs



How to submit your MYO:

So, you have your MYO slot all open and ready to use and a design all made; now what should you do? Well, let us help you! 

  • First, click on the slot in your MYO slots tab.
  • Then, click on submit MYO Design, followed by clicking Create Request button. 
  • From there, fill out all the tabs that are required. 
    • Comments: Here you should mention things like any items being used, whether the design is part of another species, and add any evidence/proof you think we may need to accept the design. 
    • Masterlist Image: Here you must upload the image you wish to have displayed on their masterlist. You must also supply the name of their designer and an artist if applicable, including if that person is you. 
    • Add Ons: Here, if you are using any items for your MYO you must add them here. You may leave it blank if you do not have anything to add here. 
    • Traits: Here you must input any traits the Dromedairy will gain, including any common ones you have added by editing the lines such as Physical Ailments.
  • Once completed, simply click "Submit Request" and voila, you are all set! Our staff has a maximum of a 5-day wait period for MYOs to be approved, however, you will be notified on your account if the submission has been accepted/cancelled/declined! 
    • This wait resets if we require you to make edits to your Dromadairy before it can be approved.


As people ask questions about the Dromedairy Make-Your-Own system that haven't been addressed in this guide, they will go here to help those who may have the same question! Until there are any that have been addressed, if you have a question or concern about the Dromedairy Make-Your-Own system, please leave a comment below, post in the Questions and Concerns channel on the Discord Group , or post in our Anonymous Questions and Concerns Google Form